Temporary Staffing is meant to  

  match   your business needs.  Whether 

  long term or    short term,  technical or

  professional,   A.S.A.P.    has  a  diverse 

  pool  of qualified job seekers. 



Temp 2 Perm 



Temp 2 Perm is a unique “try-before-you-hire” service. 




You observe the carefully referred talent for a specified amount of time.


Upon satisfactorily completion of that time period, the employee will transition to your payroll.



You get to observe the talent at work and evaluate interpersonal skills

You gain an employee and A.S.A.P. absorbs all administrative cost of recruiting and hiring.


           Payrolling Service at a glance:


*You identify the employee..  

       A.S.A.P maintains expenses associated 

      with employee's payroll.


*You control the rate of pay..

       A.S.A.P. issues the check


*You control the schedule..

       A.S.A.P. assumes all employee’ liability.


Direct Hire

Hiring Easy as 1. 2. 3!

               Need to add to your staff?      Relax!!!!!      


                              A.S.A.P. can help!

      All you do is meet with us to provide complete details

      of the position and ASAP does the rest:


      #1. We become familiar with your workplace;

     #2. We carefully search our diverse pool of job   


     #3. We refer a maximum of three well qualified

                         people for your next top talent.

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